About Us

Bantex Pride

For decades we have been actively listening to our customers and developing products that create solutions and opportunities to work smarter in the home and office.

Our customers drive our product ranging decisions. When you register a product or make an enquiry it is immediately directed to the relevant personnel within our organization. This collective information is what guides future development and design.

Our professional team are ready to listen to you - Got something you want to share? Please click here to be directed to our enquiry page. Your feedback is important to us.

Our Story

Founded in 1961, Bantex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of office products that distributes in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Bantex Australia is a licensee and wholly owned Australian company focusing on its local customer needs. With a worldwide network Bantex Australia is able to take advantage of the best opportunities from its global manufacturing, whilst still taking great pride in producing local manufactured products.

Bantex Australia is proudly a local manufacture that distributes from its head office located in Sydney and has a comprehensive network of sales offices servicing each state and territory nationally.

Bantex internationally pursues the ISO9002 quality assurance mark, making sure their customers receive internationally acclaimed products at best value prices.

Conditions apply, please contact our friendly customer service representatives on 1300-BANTEX for further information.



Bantex Group history timeline from 1972 - 2015